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Being realistic might not be popular or smart politics, but it is the responsibility of a public servant.  I will never disrespect you by lying to you about policies or positions I take and I will try to explain my reasoning as best I can.  

I believe deeply that health care is a basic human right and access for all people must be protected.   Because of this, I believe it is imperative we focus on protecting the progress already made with ACA/Obamacare, and strengthening it by fixing some flaws. 

Wholeheartedly, I support universal coverage with a public option where people can buy into Medicare or Medicaid when they wish or need a safety net.  Simply because someone’s employment status changes they and their family should not be thrown into financial peril by losing their health coverage too.  A hybrid system of public and private insurance single payer actually works in other countries like Canada. 

I support expanding the basic care package to include any and all necessary treatments for addiction, mental health parity treatment, and full reproductive care including abortion and fertility treatments. 

After reading all of the Medicare for All bills/proposals floating around, none seem to provide comprehensive and universal coverage with any sort of realistic chance of being enacted.   They are all pie-in-the-sky, tall-tales to win votes plans.  They never include being honest about political realities of health care reform or even how it would function in people’s lives.  For example, no one discusses unintended consequences of passage. 

A prime example of these unintended consequences is what happens to the approximately 2.7 million people employed in the private insurance industry? Those that support eliminating private insurance all together seem to forget they would be destroying people’s lives and financial security.  Does the government hire them? Are they just out of employment luck? What about the communities where the companies reside?

It is an important question for another reason in this circumstance.  Medicare for All advocates often cite the Canadian model.  That is simply dishonest.

The Canadian system does not have government run health care, contrary to popular myth.  Their system is a single payer where the national government pays private insurance companies to provide a specific list of treatments.   Each Provence chooses a private insurance company to run their region’s coverage.  Their system is run by private insurance carriers governed by the state and national governments.

Another dangerous myth is that their system covers everything so no other insurance is necessary.  Many Canadians find it necessary to purchase a private supplemental policy to cover the missing parts.  Things like ambulance transportation, physical therapy, dentistry, and many prescription drugs. 

Clearing up these lies is critical to getting us to where we need to be on protecting health care reform. 


This administration is in Court asking to have the entire ACA overturned, including the pre-existing ban and young adults losing coverage at 21 or so.  They are also promoting the sale of junk policies that directly violate ACA rules on coverage.  They simply do not provide real coverage.  The bad old health care days are fighting to come back.  We must stop them again.

For those of you whose ultimate goal is Medicare for All, then protecting and strengthening the ACA should be your only goal right now.

Having witnessed the “Hillarycare” wars from the front-lines, I can say for certain that private insurance and their congressional lackeys like Jordan are giddy with the attempt to move toward Medicare for All, at the cost of ACA.  They know they can kill Medicare for All support with some lies and a lot of scare tactics.  Their goal is to repeal ACA and replace it with a health care world pre-2009.

Demanding Medicare for All at the expense of ACA helps them take us back.  We must protect our progress and grow from where we are. 

Now, part of the job that I am applying for requires listening to the voters’ opinions and I am curious to hear yours and anyone else’s who wants to talk about it.

Shannon 4 Ohio Committee, Donna Freshour Treasurer 
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